Custom Railings systems can be designed anyway you can imagine, and then the rail can be manipulated into a working, acceptable system.  Whatever railing design you can imagine can be assembled into a "custom railing" system.  We have the ability to convert ideas into functional handrails and guardrails. Applications that require guardrails by code must have a minimum 42" high railing with pickets capable of rejecting a 6" or 4" sphere and meet the structural requirements of the governing code. To achieve custom designs we use castings, posts, pickets, and caps, as well as stamped, laser cut, or CNC machined pickets. To further achieve a custom look, we can utilize spun hollow posts and pickets, special custom extrusions, and epoxy resin molded shapes. These components can be powder coated in a wide range of standard or custom colors also Kynar paint finish with a 10 year warranty, or an anodized finish are available.