AMF Building Products provides in-house pretreatment, painting and baking to assure you of a top quality painted product. AMF uses only environmentally friendly non-VOC coatings in its paint process.  Our “Quality Controlled” process allows for full emersion and multi-step pretreatment-cleaning, etching and bond coating. In-house painting enhances quality control while minimizing time, handling and shipping giving AMF the “Single Source” edge.


If aluminum is not properly treated, the paint will not adhere to the surface no matter how high the quality of the paint. AMF uses a five stage full immersion pretreatment process. Its 20 foot long dip tanks provide for complete submersion of the aluminum, cleaning and coating the product both inside and out. Pretreatment provides for cleaning, degreasing, etching, deoxidizing, rinsing and application of a pre-paint bonding agent to assure proper adhesion of paint.


Powder paint is applied with hand held electrostatic spray painting applicators. This allows for complete coverage throughout our product line. AMF uses only the highest quality, environmentally compliant polyester and fluoropolymer powder coating products available from the world’s largest and most trusted manufacturers.

Custom Colors

Custom color matching provides for an infinite number of color possibilities. We can match any color chip you provide, allowing for only minimal color and sheen variation.


AMF Building Products offers a standard one year warranty against blistering and cracking on its one coat polyester direct to metal product. The warranty applies to color retention and adhesion to the substrate and is warranted to be in conformance with drawings and specifications and free from defects in material and workmanship. AMF also offers a five year and ten year warranty paint product based on either a two coat (primer) system or fluoropolymer products manufactured by the world’s most technologically advanced paint manufacturing companies.

All warranties extend to our direct customer and are subject to the conditions outlined in the paint manufacturer’s warranty to AMF Building Products. The warranty applies only if the paint manufacturer’s documented maintenance procedures are followed and no improper cleaning solvents or fluids were used.

In the event of a coating failure, and if it is found that all the proper cleaning and maintenance conditions have been met, AMF Building Products agrees to remedy all defects to the coating itself within the warranty period. Such warranty will not apply to collateral damage to the substrate or any adjacent building materials. Our product warranty does not cover the expense of removal or reinstallation of the affected product.

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